Fuccia offers a wide selection of the latest fashion trends and must-haves for the fashion-conscious woman.


Fuccia was founded in 2010 and is based in Los Angeles. Fuccia is a leading design studio for women's contemporary fashion. We cater to a young and fun-loving crowd that is adventurous and full of energy. Their lifestyle is characterized by an openness and curiosity in everything new...

Contemporary designs are at the heart of the Fuccia brand with details that make them desirable and distinctive. The Fuccia girl loves to dress up and is not afraid to be noticed.


The Fuccia studio is located east of downtown Los Angeles. Look for our sweet and petite sign on the most coziest building.

Contact FUCCIA

For press contact with Fuccia, please email fucciausa@gmail.com or call our studio. If you wish to contact us via regular mail, please send it to:

1335 E 15th St. Los Angeles, CA 90021